Benefits of Outsourcing Your Office Administration to Us

Organization A new business that is just starting up benefits the most.  As a new business owner, you know how difficult it is to remain organized.  We can increase your productivity and add more time for you to work on more important and larger projects. With the added help, you also have another person to collaborate with you.

Private Communications We can work from our offices, rather than in your brick and mortar location. Communication can take place in person, on the telephone, through e-mail, or through snail mail. If your office is in your home, this can be beneficial for privacy. Also, if your office space is very small, hiring us will make sure your work remains personal and confidential.

Savings One of the best features of hiring us is the cost savings. As we work from our office, you do not have to buy any technology or equipment. We are also an independent contractor.  This means you do not have to worry about payroll or taxes associated with normal employment. The added costs associated with a general employee can almost double the average salary rate. Sick days, holiday pay, maternity leave, and benefit packages can make it very difficult for you to afford a staff.  General employees require a set number of hours per week at a predetermined hourly price. This would not work well if you needed an assistant only for seasonal or holiday projects. You can hire us at any time and for however long you need.  We are only paid for the work we actually do, and nothing more.

Convenience In a general employment scenario, you would have to pay an employee a set salary no matter how much work is actually accomplished.  With us, you pay for office administration services on an as-needed basis.

Financial If our company works from our offices, you do not have to worry about renting a larger workspace.  This can be especially beneficial if you work from home.  It is also not necessary to provide us with costly equipment, like printers, faxes, software, etc.  TIME IS MONEY.  Hiring Papol’s Premium Property Management will free up a great deal of your time.  By not having to deal with things like payroll, taxes, and time-consuming everyday tasks, you can focus on doing the work that earns you money.

Less Stress