Office Administration Services

  • Banking Reconciliation
  • ŸPayroll
  • ŸGarnishments
  • ŸAccounts Receivables and Payables
  • ŸFile and pay taxes
    (payroll tax, sales tax, etc.)
  • ŸHuman Resources
    (file new hire report, I-9’s, W-9’s,
    employee forms, etc.)
  • ŸYear End Help
    (Gather necessary paperwork for your accountant.
    File 1099’s and W-2’s.)
  • ŸHelp with worker’s comp audits
  • ŸHelp with Licenses, Permits, Contracts

More Services:

  • Data Entry
  • ŸRecord Keeping
  • ŸNewsletter creation
  • ŸTravel arrangements
  • ŸSchedule pickups and deliveries
  • ŸProof and prepare documents
  • ŸMiscellaneous writing (manuals, job descriptions, policies, procedures, FAQ’s, etc.)
  • ŸAssist with public relation activities; tours, events, fairs, expo’s, etc.
  • ŸDigitize business cards, invoices, photos, etc.
  • ŸPersonal tasks
  • ŸPersonal finances
  • ŸAdditional services at your request

Customer Reviews

“Papol’s Premium Property Management effectively oversees maintenance and repairs, provides guidance to the subcontractors, and also acts as the main contact for our vendors and deliveries.  We are very pleased.”  – Pineapple Centre

“We just needed help with our newsletters and brochures.  Papol’s Premium Property Management came through with flying colors.  They make it so easy.” – Cloud Nine

“Handles all of our tenants with a professional and warm manner.  Papol’s Premium Property Management also handles all of our Accounts so that we can focus on more pressing matters. I am very pleased with their service.”  – Clock Tower Dev.

“I just need help with remembering when everything is due.  Papol’s Premium Property Management helps me pay all of my taxes and payroll on time.  So helpful.”  – T&D Associates

“We wanted to branch out from Florida into another state, and Holly Jo made it seem so simple.  She handled all of our forms and paperwork and contractors licensing to make sure we were all legal.  Very helpful.”  – Blue Water Group

“I needed someone to help with my mother’s finances while she was in a hospice.  Holly Jo was so helpful.  She paid all of my mother’s bills on time and helped make sure that the deposits were deposited.  Holly Jo also helped out at tax time by making sure everything was filed and in order, my accountant loved it!”  – D.M.